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Emergency Plumbing Services

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When you have a plumbing emergency, you need an experienced and knowledgeable emergency plumber who can be there quickly to fix the issue right away. At Elans Plumbing Solutions, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any emergency that occurs. Keep our number on speed dial for prompt residential and commercial plumbing repairs at the touch of a button. 


We respond quickly to help you deal with a variety of plumbing emergencies, including:

  • Clogged drains
  • Backed up / overflowing toilets
  • Pipe leaks and bursts
  • Leaking water heater
  • No hot water


One of the elements of an emergency that customers can often take for granted is the ability of the plumber to find your location. If you call a company that is not familiar with the layout of your city, then that can create an agonizingly long wait for help to arrive.

We do not make you wait. We are very familiar with your area, and we guarantee that we will have a certified plumber at your home quickly. With us, you will not be getting a phone call from a lost plumber asking you for directions while the damage to your home gets worse. We make it our business to know where you are, and we pride ourselves on getting to you as quickly as possible.


Emergency plumbing solutions include:

Pipe leaks
From smaller leaks to a burst pipe, we know how scary pipe flooding can be. The sound of a pipe bursting can be intimidating and the helpless feeling of water everywhere can be stressful. If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure, then you will want to check for a burst pipe. If you have a problem, then give us a call.

Clogged Toilet
It happens all the time. A toilet can get clogged for many reasons, and a severe clog may not be something that you can deal with on your own. If the toilet backs up and the plunger you have is not doing the job, then call us right away and we will get you through this home crisis.

Faucet Malfunction
We use our faucets every day and can start to take them for granted after a while. A faucet malfunction can lead to a massive water leak that can cause severe water damage to your home. If your faucet starts to leak or malfunctions to the point where it is starting to fall apart, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Basement Flooding
A flooded basement can be the result of a clogged basement drain, a bad sump pump, or a leaking pipe. If the water supply valve for your house is leaking, then that is a major issue. If your basement is flooding with water, then call us right away so we can limit the damage and property loss.

Water Heaters
When your water heater goes out you cannot clean clothes or shower. We can replace your water heater and get you back to normal.

Gas Leak Detection
If you smell natural gas, do not hesitate to call us. We can help detect the leak and get back to its source to keep you and your family safe.


We are the top choice for a 24-hour plumbing service.


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