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Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Slow-flowing or clogged drains can be more than an annoyance. They can prevent you from using your home plumbing facilities. For clearing a clogged drain, contact us. Our professionals can safely remove the clog and restore your drain to proper working condition.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Many people mistakenly use plungers or other DIY drain cleaning techniques when a problem arises. While it can be tempting to unclog and clean drains yourself, you can end up damaging your drainage system if you aren’t an experienced professional plumber.

Many over-the-counter drain cleaning products can damage your home piping system or septic system. At Elans Plumbing Solutions, we do not use these harmful drain cleaning techniques. Our experts use safe, proven methods that will restore your drain function without causing damage to your plumbing system – We are here to help you protect your home drainage system.

Our Drain Cleaning Services Includes:

  • Unclog shower
  • Unclog bathtub
  • Unclog sink
  • Unclog kitchen sink
  • Unclog sewer line
  • Unclog floor drain

Water Should Go Down the Drain. Money Shouldn’t.

We want your plumbing system safe from major long-term repairs that will cost you money down the road. With quality work, great attitudes, and hassle-free services, we’re the number one choice in a number two business.

Signs It Might Be Time for Drain Services

Since your drains are a bit out of sight, out of mind, it is important to be aware of certain signs to know when it is time to get your drains cleaned.

If you begin to notice any of the following in your home, it might be time to call Elans Plumbing Solutions:

  • Unpleasant Odors: If you begin to notice foul sewage-like smells coming from your sinks, showers, or other plumbing fixtures, it could mean that there is a buildup in your pipes.
  • Water is Failing to Drain: Are you noticing that when you use your sink or shower, the water is not draining right away as it should? If the water is pooling and draining slowly, it is usually due to a clogged drain.
  • Odd Noises: Whether you hear rattling, bubbling, or any other un-common sound in your pipes, it may be time to have your drains checked for blockages. The sounds could be happening because the water is having a hard time bypassing debris in your pipes. 

Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains

The best remedy for clogged plumbing and drains is to avoid having clogs in the first place. While some stoppages are inevitable, many can be avoided with regular maintenance and by taking certain preventative measures.

Keep your drains flowing freely and free from clogs with these valuable tips:

  • Never use your drains as a trash can
  • Pour cooking grease into disposable containers instead of pouring it down the drain
  • Install hair and debris catchers in your kitchen and bathroom drains and clean them regularly
  • Only grind small, soft food particles in your garbage disposal
  • Flush your drains regularly with a mixture of boiling water, vinegar, and baking soda


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