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Kitchen Sink Stoppages

Kitchen sinks always seem to get backed up at the worst times!
Grease, leftover food, soap, and years of use can make these back-ups a common occurrence. Don’t worry our expert plumbers have years of experience, and they carry a wide variety of parts and equipment in their trucks to tackle any kitchen sink blockage quickly.

What Causes Your Kitchen Sink To Back Up?

There are several reasons why your kitchen sink may be backing up like this. You might have a problem with your garbage disposal, where the blades are dulled or aren’t operating properly. You might have debris caked inside the walls of the garbage disposal or pipes. You might have something big lodged in the drain, disposal, or pipes. The clog may be way down the pipe where you can’t reach it.

Money-Saving Tips

Are you looking for ways to keep your kitchen sink from backing up? Here are some tips for you that should help:

1 – Minimize the food/grease – Most kitchen sink blockages are caused by a mixture of food and grease. To minimize the amount you send down the drain, empty the grease into an old coffee can that you can later dispose of. Throw as much of the food away as you can, or better yet – compost it!

2 – Take care of your disposer – Make sure that as little food as possible goes down the disposer, and don’t wait for the sink to stop draining to use it. Run plenty of cold water whenever using the disposer, and run a handful of ice cubes through it from time to time. It will keep the blades sharps, and help keep them clean.

3 – “Pre-clean” your dishes – If you are using a dishwasher, pre-clean your dishes before loading them. The less food/grease that finds its way inside your dishwasher, the better.

4 – Hot water is your friend – No matter how careful you are, a little grease cannot help but get down your kitchen line. When you are done cleaning your dishes, run lots of hot water down your sink. Hot water helps to de-solidify the grease and wash it down the line. Using a bit of white vinegar from time to time is also helpful

How To Prevent Future Sink Stoppage

You can prevent this problem from happening by:

  • Limiting what goes down your sink drain
  • Only putting a few things down into the garbage disposal at a time and running plenty of hot water or ice cubes with the stuff you grind up
  • Never put grease, vegetable peels, animal fat, or skin down your kitchen drain or into your disposal
  • Running boiling hot water (plus salt or baking soda) down your kitchen drain once a month

Let Elans Plumbing Solutions Clear Your Clogged Drain

Here at Elans Plumbing Solutions, we are drain cleaning experts. We can handle your kitchen sink stoppage with expert service, promptly and efficiently.

If you are having the following issues with your kitchen sink drain, Please give us a Call:

  • Kitchen sink drain making noise when the machine is draining, like filling with liquid
  • Kitchen sink drain overflowing when water is let out, or bubbling up on the other side
  • P-trap under the sink leaking out when water is drained
  • Bad odor continually coming from the sink


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