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Sewer Camera Inspection

Need to know what’s hiding in your sewer lines? We use high-resolution fiber-optic cameras designed to help you uncover what is hiding in your sewer drains. We provide sewer line camera inspection & full service for sewer line inspection.

We can help you reveal your sewer system of all kinds of obstructions including:

  • Roots
  • Build up
  • Damaged lines
  • Things accidentally flushed down the toilet
  • Grease and oil
  • Deteriorated pipes
  • Unauthorized plumbing connections & installation errors
  • Broken joints
  • Shifted connection
  • and everything else that you don’t want in your sewer system!

Advantages of sewer camera inspection. The hiring of expert sewer contractors comes to the advantage of sewer camera inspection. This is an effective, quick, and safe way to pinpoint the exact cause or location of the sewer line problem, and that too without damaging or digging up the property. Again, this very service can also help the professional to realize if a routine sewer pipe replacement or sewer line repair service will be enough to fix the problem. 

The common sewer camera inspection steps have been mentioned next for a better understanding of this service:

  • The professional will send a fiber-optic flexible video camera down the drain/pipes through the problematic sewer line first.
  • After the sewer inspection Los Angeles process, the professionals will discuss with the client/customer the problem at hand and also the appropriate step they will take in order to correct the problems.

Reliable Sewer Repair & Replacement

If we discover that your sewer line is in need of repairs or even complete replacement, we have the experience to help get your plumbing back in working order in no time. While we can complete sewer line repair & replacement with traditional methods, we are trained & experienced in sewer line repair.

When Do You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection?

At Elans Plumbing Solutions, we often recommend a sewer camera line inspection if you’re a customer who has experienced repeated backups in their sewer line. Or if we feel something odd while using a cable machine to clean the line. Sewer cameras will quickly reveal the issue from a root obstructing the flow in a sewer system to a sewer pipe that has begun to collapse due to age, and then Elans Plumbing experts will be able to quickly perform a camera repair for the obstruction.

What Are Indications I Need A Sewer Camera Inspection?

  • Slow drains

It’s normal to have experienced a slow bathtub drain on occasion. But slow-moving drains may occur by a red flag to something much larger within your sewer line. Suppose you hear gurgling in conjunction with the slow draining or the sound of water even when they’re not running. In that case, a sewer camera inspection is warranted.

  • Strong odors

Suppose you continuously smell a sewage odor coming from your drains, lingering outside your home or in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. In that case, this is a strong indication that you’ve got a significant sewer line issue. A camera inspection can help determine if your drains are slow for several reasons, for example, root intrusion or another type of obstruction.

  • Mold or water damage

A leaky sewer line often leaves water damage on your property. The damage, in turn, can lead to mold and mildew growth. Mold growing in a home can lead to health problems all on its own. So, if you begin to smell a musty, moldy odor in and around your home, call us at Elans Plumbing Solutions, and we’ll come out to inspect your sewer lines.

  • Lush green patches on your lawn

One of the surest indications that your sewer line has burst besides a strong smell is that water will start seeping into your yard. The water will start leaving lush, overgrown green patches of grass on your lawn. Once this happens, give us a call at Elans Plumbing Solutions, and we’ll come out with our sewer camera to inspect your line. Usually, the most common cause is a tree-root intrusion.


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