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Water Heater Repair

If your hot water isn’t working properly, give us a call. Our expert will arrive on time in one of our fully stocked trucks to diagnose your problem, explain the best way to fix it, and even provide a free* estimate on how much it will cost. We also offer tankless water heater installation and repair. If you’re interested in a smaller, more economical unit for your home or business, ask about the products we install.

How Can I Tell If My Water Heater Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced?

Here’s are some of the most common water heater problems and how 

Elans Plumbing Solutions will likely recommend fixing them.

Possible causes for the following water heater issues:

1.   your water heater doesn’t produce enough hot water

  • The thermostat isn’t set properly.
  • The tank isn’t big enough.
  • The tank is leaking.
  • The dip tube is broken.
  • The heating element is malfunctioning.

2.   Water takes too long to heat up

  • The heating element is malfunctioning.
  • Sediment or rust are preventing the element from heating the water properly.

3.   Hot water is rust-colored or smelly

  • There is a high concentration of sulfates in your tank, probably from sediment buildup.
  • The anode rod is rusted or corroded.

4.   Valve or tank is leaking

  • If the tank itself is leaking, it’s probably corroded from the inside.
  • If a valve is leaking, then the temperature-relief or pressure relief valve may be damaged.

Contact Us for Water Heater Maintenance

In addition to water heater maintenance, we offer the following services:

  • Emergency plumbing
  • Leak detection
  • Pipe replacement
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Drain clearing


For more information about receiving professional water heater maintenance, reach out to our team today!

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